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My Story

     Hi, I am Grace. I have been crafting for over 50 years. My son suggested I start blogging because he says, "Mom, you have a lot of crap in your craft room and enough experience to teach to others." So, I am diving in and embarking on this adventure through my perspective and experiences. I want this blog to be fun, and entertaining. Hopefully, my readers will like my content and try some of my projects.  

    My parents are from El Salvador, Central America. I grew up with Spanish being spoken in our house hold and my mom cooking the most amazing meals every day. I am drawn to color and all sorts of crafting. I remember being four years old and storing my crayons in a pink toy refrigerator. I would spend hours coloring. Later on, I would cut fabric and hand-stitch clothes for my Barbie and Chatty Cathy dolls. I graduated to a sewing machine when when I was taking Home Economics in high school. I was ecstatic when my mom bought me my first Singer sewing machine.

     Initially, in college, I was indecisive about my career choices. I tried my hand at cosmetology, clothing textiles and then concentrated on my general AA. Shortly after, I went into the military. Throughout my military career, I found time to do my crafts. I began making beaded jewelry, sewing stuffed animals out of tea-dyed muslin, and making soap gift baskets, amongst other things.  I sold my wares at the post craft boutiques and craft shows in Europe and the U.S.A.

     Once I retired from the military, I continued with my education and received my Undergrad in Business Administration. Later, I decided to get my Graduate Degree in Jewelry and Metal  Arts. I learned much more than I anticipated. I was introduced to soldering, metal forming, etching, resin, working with a lathe, 3d printing, laser cutting, and much, much more. 

    I hope that my blog will appeal to many, regardless of what stage they are in life. I look forward to this new beginning and sharing my experiences.

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