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My Granddaughter's Quinceanera

In October, my eldest granddaughter celebrated her 15th birthday. It was a grand event. Family and friends came from across the country to celebrate her. We witnessed a shy young girl transform into a beautiful butterfly. Her self-confidence has been blooming ever since.

Organizing the party was a lot of work. My daughter started planning a year out. She researched for the best prices and vendors. My son-in-law had a long 'honey-do list', which he accomplished with flying colors. In the end, family and friends came together to help make the party successful. Below I will give you a small glimpse.

My daughter designed the tee shirts for my granddaughter and the three members of her Quince Court. (Traditionally, the Quinceanera Court consists of 14 damas and 14 chambelanes.) The Quince Squad's tees were pink. We cut out the designs on my Cricut Maker and used my Cricut Press to iron them onto the tee shirts. The girls wore these tees pre-party.

My daughter made about 120 of these candle roses for recuerdos. It took my daughter a few weeks to get these done and many hours for us to box them, label them, and put ribbons on them.

It took a few days for my daughter to bake all the cake layers. She let the cakes firm up in the fridge to frost them. My sister helped my daughter frost the cakes the night before the party. Every layer had a different flavor. The cake was delicious and I loved that the frosting was not overly sweet.

The colors for the Quince were rose gold and black. My granddaughter's dress was rose gold and she asked her guests to wear black. It was elegant-looking and worked out well since the party was in the evening.

It is hard to tell, but we blew up a few hundred balloons.

The number 15 was purchased from Amazon. It did take a few people to assemble it. The number added the perfect touch.

The Mexican food that was catered was excellent. My daughter, also, set up a fruit & candy table with chamoy. If you have never had chamoy, try it. You will like it.

My granddaughter enjoyed herself, immensely. There was a photo booth and a DJ to dance the night away.

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