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Resin Heating Mat

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

It was taking my resin a few days to cure, so I looked into a resin heating mat. Overall the reviews were good, so I ordered one from Amazon. It came from Akisey Market. I returned the first mat because the timer plug did not connect with the plug from the mat. I figured it was a one off, so I exchanged it for the same exact one. It had the same problem. I let Amazon know and I received a quick reply from Akisey Market. It seems to have been a packaging problem for them. (The wrong plug was sent.) They said they would send me the correct replacement in four days. Meanwhile, I have been using my mat without the timer. It really does speed up the cure time.

I received my replacement mat and it worked really well. I placed a silicone mat underneath my mat to protect my table. After doing resin for a few days, I was cleaning off my table and was shocked to see that the wood had split. Its an old table, but real sturdy. Now, I put a cork board on top of the silicone mat, another silicone mat on top of the cork board. I place the heat mat on top of the mat and add another silicone mat on top of the heating pad. Hopefully that will reduce the heat that the table is absorbing. I would say that the heating mat is a game changer for me. (In addition, it comes with an insulated cover to protect resin from dust.)

My cracked table Heating mat with some of my molds

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